Cardiovascular Radiology

Case 1:

A 19 year old female with a history of an open heart surgery operation 3 years ago (details not known), presented with sudden onset of blindness of the left eye. Past history revealed history of a TIA 3 months prior, and occasional sudden onset breathlessness. Clinical examination revealed mid diastolic murmur at the apex.
What is the 2D Echo diagnosis ?
What is the treatment ?

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This is a case of multiple atrial myxomas (both left and right atria). Careful search must be made (by transesophageal echo if necessary) for the presence of myxomas in other areas of the heart. Multiple myxomas are usually familial. The patient’s symptoms were explained by emboli in both the systemic and pulmonary circulation. Treatment includes excision of both the tumours, and a careful search on the table for the presence of additional tumours which may have been missed on echocardiography. Excision of the interatrial septum with pericardiac patch closure of the resultant defect to prevent recurrence should be performed.

Contribution : Dr Robin Pinto, Dr Bharat Dalvi