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A 45 year old female presented with the chief complaints of pain in the right hypochondrium A 45 year, vomiting and fever of 3 days duration. Clinical examination revealed tenderness in right hypochondrium.
GP has asked for a sonography of the upper abdomen. What is the diagnosis ?

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Stones or concretions frequently occur in the gall bladder. Stones occur about twice as frequently in women as in men. The majority of stones are cholesterol stones, and less than 10% are pigment stones. Ultrasonography is the primary imaging modality for diagnosing gall stones and gall bladder disease. A stone is seen as a rounded, echodense (white) structure with a typical acoustic shadow behind it. USG findings in acute cholecystitis include thickening of the gall bladder wall (greater than 3 mm), the sonographic Murphy’s sign, sludge and pericholecystic collection. In chronic cholecystitis, collapsed gall bladder and thickened or calcified gall bladder wall are noted.