Case 2 :
Skull radiograph AP view.
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Hypoplasia of greater wing of sphenoid on the right -Neurofibromatosis

Two types of neurofibromatosis are agreed upon - NF type I (von Recklinghausen's disease) and type II (bilateral accoustic neuromas). Both display CNS involvement, thus the term central and peripheral NF should be discarded.

von Recklinghausen's disease schwanommas bilateral acoustic
90 % of cases of NF less than 10 %
Chromosome 17 Chromosome 22
Prominent skin manifestations minimal skin changes
associated with tumours of neurons (meningiomas) (hamartomas) and astrocytes (glioma) tumours of meninges
Spinal neurofibromas are usually small multilevel schwannomas single large, bilateral,

Contribution : Dr Rajesh Mayekar, Dr Alpana Joshi, Dr Sandesh., Mumbai, India