Case 48 :

33 yr old Male with headache. What is the diagnosis?

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Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma In a case of tuberous sclerosis


A small enhancing mass at the left Foramen of Monroe and a calcified subependymal nodule on the right side.

There was h/o focal seizures in childhood. The patient also had Shagreen patches and adenoma sepaceum. MRI done subsequently showed additional cortical tubers.


SGCA is the second most common manifestation of Tuberous sclerosis (TS). First being tubers. It affects 5% of patients. The foramen of Monroe is the classic location. Some of the subependymal nodules themselves can transform into SGCA over a period of time.

Reference: Textbook on Brain Tumors By Robert A. Morantz, J. W. Walsh

Dr Paresh Desai