Case 22 :

1YR OLD CHILD X-RAYS. What is the diagnosis?

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X-ray Findings:
The epiphysis at the lower end of both femora is small and irregular.The zone of provisional calcification presents a wide radiodense line.Separating the above line from the metaphysis is a band of radiolucency.Close viewing shows similiar changes in upper end of both tibia.


Scurvy is rare before the age of 4-6 months.It is rare in adults.The wide radiodense line at the zone of provisional calcification is the white line of Frankl.The band of radiolucency is the Trummerfeld zone.Other signs of scurvy:Wimberger's sign(epiphysis sharply marginated by a sclerotic rim),Pelkan's spur or marginal spur formation.



Dr Pavan Gwalani, Ulhasnagar, Dist:Thane.

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