IndianRadiologist.com has been at the forefront of Online Radiology services, be it web-based education, quizzes, e-commerce, classifieds pages, and now Teleradiology.

We have tied up with 21st Century Healthcare Solutions to provide Teleradiology services. Since we have direct tie-ups, there are no agents involved, and competitive rates are available for clients.

The benefits of using our services are:


All companies and Teleradiology Service Providers usually charge a hefty fee for startup. IndianRadiologist TeleRadiology Services does not charge you any activation fee. This means that you can get started right away without getting into hassles of looking around for the cheapest Service Provider.


All Teleradiology Service Providers charge a monthly or per case rental charge and has to be paid either upfront or on a monthly basis. Since we have acres of server space, our server charges are negligible. This benefit is passed on to the client, who does not pay for the server on a monthly or per case basis.


Our panel of Radiologists have complete experience in all modalities that include CT, MRI, Conventional X-Rays, Ultrasound, Color Doppler and Mammography. The same group provides prelim Radiology reporting for USA centers, as well as second opinion reads for centers in the Middle East and South Asia. Final reads are being provided at present to diagnostic centers in Delhi and Mumbai.


Payment fee is hence only for the reading, and that too, per case basis. As your numbers increase your rates will fall. Payment is to be made on a monthly basis.


Drop us a line at indianradiologist@yahoo.com with your requirement, and we will get back to you with your hardware requirements and the best pricing option. Startup can be achieved within 2 working days, once your hardware and internet requirements are complete.