Patient Information


How are x-rays useful ?
A chest radiograph is the most frequently performed radiological examination; radiographs of chest are taken in connection with diseases of the lung, routinely before operations, and also for a large number of diseases in other organs that may indirectly involve the lungs. Radiographs are also used to monitor overall state of the patient in intensive care units. X-rays are also used to diagnose disorders in other parts of the body - especially bones, and also by using special contrast material (dyes), barium etc.

How should I prepare myself ?
There is no preparation required for a chest or extremity (bone) radiograph, it can be done anytime. An abdominal radiograph or radiographs for the lumbar spine would require you to be fasting overnight, prior medication with a mild laxative is preferable to cleanse the bowel of faecal matter and gas, which might otherwise hinder radiographic picture quality.

Risks ?
There is no risk involved while performing a radiograph, x-rays are however not performed in early and mid pregnancy due to possible harmful effects of radiation on foetus.